• Animals


    Speaking with the animals is something I like to do whenever I can. We have some great chats at the...

  • Art Humour

    Art Humour

    Fun with photoshop.

  • Beach Scenes

    Beach Scenes

    Growing up on Prince Edward Island was a child's dream. Summer meant long full days of beach bumming and nights...

  • Farming


    Wendell Berry said, “We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a...

  • Fishing


    Original oil paintings and limited edition prints created by artist Lindsay Walker of Prince Edward Island Island life, the culture and...

  • Limited Edition Prints

    Limited Edition Prints

    A Limited Edition print is limited to a preselected quantity. Only that quantity of prints is created, and the image is never again...

  • Original Oil Paintings

    Original Oil Paintings

    I like to create art about the simple quiet beauty of everyday rural life, humanity, compassion, and our connection to the...

  • People


    Original paintings of people who were in a special moment, but didn't know it.

  • Rusty Vehicles

    Rusty Vehicles

    On dog walks we often happen upon old cars, trucks and tractors... weathered, discarded and forgotten. Such amazing craftsmanship went into...

  • Select Past Works

    Select Past Works

    Even though these past works have been sold, they are still in my heart.*Marks available as Limited Edition Prints.

  • The Year of the Rooster

    The Year of the Rooster

    "Anyone who has spent any time hangin' out with a Rooster, knows that they are full of large personality. Unique...

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