What is your Art about?

"I guess you could say my art is about humanity living in harmony with nature maybe?  I think most painters have always been influenced by their favourite childhood artists, and of course by their surroundings. Living by the ocean on Prince Edward Island, Canada with such rich culture, surrounded by the beauty of pristine red sandy beaches and rolling green hills definitely has an influence on my work. I like to try and paint that beauty. I like to find the beauty in the unexpected too, like rusty vintage trucks and tractors sitting in the woods. Long abandoned and forgotten, with trees and life growing wild through the patinas that only time can create. I like to try and honour their past, and paint them. So many of our simple ways of life have changed just in my lifetime. A simpler way of life is not always a step backwards to me. Things are disappearing. Sometimes good, and sometimes bad. But any way of life, wether it's from the past, present or future, if it's good for the planet and all living things, then that's my kind of way. Visions of those ways of life, those simple times of being in that moment, but not knowing it. Isn't that what life is all about?
I like to try and paint that too." 


"The past reflects the future through the art we see daily." 

Walker Studios
P.O. Box 267
North Rustico
PE, Canada
C0A 1X0
Phone - 1-902-393-7406
Email - lindsaywalkerart(at)gmail(dot)com
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