Seaside Sweets

Lindsay Walker Art

Seaside Sweets
  • $1,000.00

Oil on masonite
9" X 12" (23 X 31 cm)

This painting was inspired by my Grandmother, and her sister. When I was a boy, visiting my Grandmother Hildred's house, or my Aunt Jean's, it was always a treat, literally. They made incredible sweets. My Nan's kitchen had a cupboard that tipped out that contained her pounds of flour and sugar. There was also a built in pull out tray she did her kneading on. Hand mixers, sieve strainers, rolling pins, they were always singing. Of all the delicious goodies I remember them making, their scotch cookies stand out. That smell. I can still smell their houses while they baked them with love. Seaside Suites sure means something a lot different today than it did in those days, but in my mind when I hear that term, the Seaside Sweets are made by those two sweet ladies, are they're just out of the oven.

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