Conan Sails On

Lindsay Walker Art

Conan Sails On
  • $1,600.00

Oil on canvas
12" X 16" (30 X 41 cm)
There is absolutely no doubt when I was a kid my love of Art began mainly because of comic books, which led me to becoming an Artist. Out of all the amazing Art and characters, none of them influenced me more than Conan the Barbarian. The first issue I owned was #26, released May 1973, my sixth birthday. I know because I still have it. From then on my best friend Trevor Bordage and I would ride our bikes into the City to go to a used book store called "The Book Collector" searching for back issues, and sometimes finding them. We would draw the characters for days, which turned into years, and we both got better because of it. My first Art sale was of a drawing of Conan in grade two at the age of seven I sold for twenty-five cents. From the age of six to twelve I would buy the new issue every month, without fail. Usually at the convenience store down the street called "Dutchies". I would spend my entire weekly allowance of one dollar on four or five comics. I absorbed the Conan stories and Art. Truth be told, the reason I stopped buying them, lies directly in issue #100. Conan's mate Bêlit is killed, and it broke my heart. Issue 101 is the last one I bought. It just wasn't the same anymore in my twelve year old head. I still have every one of them. I look at them now, and instantly I'm transported back to my ten year old self. I'm right there reading the same pages that me and my pal Trevor read. We're at his place drawing Conan on the kitchen table. The Red Sox are on the Magnavox. We're meeting our friends at the ball field at 2 o'clock for a game. We're drinking cold water from the tap, eating chips, and reading the new issue about Savages from another world, not realizing how beautiful being ten is. We lost Trevor last year. Although we'd been in touch the past few years, I hadn't seen him in about thirty, which also happens to be the last time I drew Conan. Creating this painting I got to hang out with two of my life long friends again. We escaped, reminisced,
 adventured, and it was awesome. I hope you can escape for a minute or two as well, and enjoy my little painting, all the while realizing how beautiful our life still is. I know my buddy Trevor would.

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